The little animation paint box for Palm OS

ninerpaint user interface screenshot

Ninerpaint was a drawing and animation program for Palm OS handheld devices.

First released in 2002 and with frequent updates over the following 6 years, it acquired a growing number of fans who pushed pixels, submitted sketches, and shared thoughts.

pixel art about pixel art, made with ninerpaint on a Palm Tungsten

Sample Process


User Gallery

Adam Blust

Edward Delaporte

Thea Hardy (1945 - 2008)

Karen Larson

Ricky Edwards

Bonnie Dahlstrom

Rudi Stoelen

James Isaac Allred

Steve Kunkel

Estelle Perruchot

Francisco Espuny

Erica Mackenzie

Rachel Li

The Future

A port of NinerPaint for modern platforms is under way.